Day 363

Watching the news I thought idly that the new prince of England was wrapped in a beautiful piece of knitted lace and wondered where it came from.

Well.  If you want a knitting puzzle unraveled (har har – I know, horrible pun), the twitterverse has you covered.  When I went to check my latest tweets, there was the answer, already solved in minutes.  The fiber arts community is a small world indeed.



Going Public

Day 321

So this is World Wide Knit in Public Week.  No big deal for me as it is business as usual.   With an allergist appointment, a dentist appointment, and two trips to the car dealership this week I’m pretty much guaranteed to get in some public knitting while I wait.
What I really found amusing was this trio in the allergist’s waiting room.  Well, they started out as a trio, but the two boys . . .
ended up annoying the sister so much that she heaved a big, embarrassed sigh and removed herself a couple of seats away.
Apparently she was one of the women surveyed in this study about male immaturity.

Putting on a Show

Day 262

A fine arts show, that is.  And it’s finally over and done.


I hobnobbed with the bigwigs at the opening last night.


And I sat and spun today.


I acquired a lot of good experience, made a little money, got a commission for a hand-knit hat, and was invited back for next year.

For which I shall endeavor to prepare much further in advance.  Because now my house looks like the woman on the front of this book has been taking care of it.  And I feel a little like the monster thing pictured.

Making a Living as an Artist

Day 254

. . . is probably not in the cards for me anytime soon.  But if anyone is interested in what I’ve been doing over spring break and what’s on offer in my upcoming show, there’s a listing here.  Keep in mind this is a quick and dirty list, not a professional page, and the photography often leaves a lot to be desired.

That said, back to real life.  My parents are coming for dinner, the house is a mess, and I have to go to the grocery or they’ll be eating Hot Pockets tonight.

Textile Art

Day 250

I’m to be part of a fine arts show coming up on April 12 and 13.

As such, I need to have my inventory list turned in on Friday this week.  I’ve been a bit short on stock and didn’t have a lot of advance notice for the show so I’ve been working away at new additions to the collection while I have the chance.

There’s felt in the kitchen.



There’s felt in the sink.


There’s supplies in the dining room.


And don’t even get me started on the knitting.





Running Out of Time

Day 121

I need some elves to help with the Christmas knitting.  No way was I going shopping.  I can buy online, but free time to knit is more precious than those insane crowded sales.

The book:

This is a great thrill ride for those preteens for whom The Hunger Games is a little too mature and violent.  Jessie lives in an experimental site that she believes to be a mid-nineteenth century American village.  When disease strikes and she learns the truth she must escape and bring help to the rest of the village while negotiating the modern world she has never encountered.  A nonstop pace, high suspense, and a complex ending make this one  a winner.