Visiting the Past

Spent some time this afternoon wandering around our state historical society.  They have a really nice building and some pretty interactive exhibits; it’s changed a lot since I worked in their library as a college student in the early 1990s.


The past is a nice place to visit (I did get my degree in history) but I wouldn’t want to live there.


On This Date

Day 316

So if you, like me,  were stupid enough to get an undergrad degree in something unemployable like history . . .

So if you are a history nerd . . . 

So if you like dates (the calendar type) it may interest you to know that it was a very busy day indeed in history.

  • There’s D-Day, of course, 1944
  • The Chicago El began operating, 1892
  • Battle of Midway, 1942
  • Robert F. Kennedy assassinated, 1968
  • Patrick Henry died, 1799
  • NBA created, 1946
  • Tetris released, 1984
  • Nathan Hale born, 1755 (short life, that)
  • Julian Byng, 12th Governor General of Canada died, 1935 (relevant in relation to the Lady Byng trophy, donated by his wife as a reward for gentlemanly play and good sportsmanship in the NHL – yes, I too find that amusing)

Jenny of the Tetons

Day 115

Dear Jenny,

Although you get to spend your birthday in  Prague, here’s a picture of you at Jenny Lake in the Tetons, your other home-away-from-home.

Happy birthday, little sister.  You rock!

The book:

This is a nice little historical novel for middle graders, which includes the story of Jenny Leigh, the real namesake of Jenny Lake.  It is one of the “Great Episodes” historical fiction series.  Like any series, some books are better than others.  Many are written by one of my favorite historical fiction writers, Ann Rinaldi.  Unfortunately for the higher quality books in the series (and many are really high quality), historical fiction remains a niche genre for most kids, the realm of usually serious-minded female readers.  I hate this, because I devoured them growing up, which probably led to my reading of “real” history and my undergraduate history degree.