Visiting the Past

Spent some time this afternoon wandering around our state historical society.  They have a really nice building and some pretty interactive exhibits; it’s changed a lot since I worked in their library as a college student in the early 1990s.


The past is a nice place to visit (I did get my degree in history) but I wouldn’t want to live there.


Curing the Blues with a New Pair of Shoes

I have NEVER IN MY LIFE spent over $100 on a pair of shoes.  Until today.  When I did it TWICE.

They are Danskos.  Everyone from teachers to podiatrists and nurses swear by them for being on your feet all day.  And for lasting up to five years.  They’d better.

Meanwhile, I have Paolo Nutini in my head now.

Wow! Said the Owl

What just happened here?


For anyone new to my blog, I am a librarian.  The idea is that I choose a book title to summarize my post for the day.  The day (or the post) may not have anything to do with the actual content of the book, but that’s the way my mind works.  (Scary, isn’t it?)  Sometimes I will include a review if I have actually read the book.  To find out more, check out my “About” page.

A Year in the Life

Day 365


Day 365.

It seems hard to believe that I did it.  This marks an entire year that I have posted an entry for each day. (My first post is here.)

Some days it was hard.  I was tired, or bored, or just plain thought there was nothing to post.  I resorted to stealing stories from my friends (oh, they were funny, though!).  Or talking about the weather.  Some days I’m pretty sure I was boring.

Some days were great.  I love traveling and can go on and on and on about it.

My hobbies, my favorite sport, and my cat made it in.  So did my family (parents, nieces, sister, brother, cousins) and my friends.  The news was always there, whether terrible or joyful.

But without a doubt, the majority of the posts were about were the life of a school librarian.  There were really hard days and crazy weeks.  Sometimes I found things that made me giggle.  Sometimes students made me hide a laugh with their commentsanswers, and malapropisms.  There were students who made me laugh because they were fun and a very special student I will miss terribly.  Always, student work itself was a source of chuckles, grins, and fascination.  No one can work alone, and there were always my coworkers to liven things up.

So do me a favor if you would.  If you’ve been reading the blog for a while (or even a short bit) and have a favorite post, let me know what it is.  I have to say I think my favorite memory is September 7.  I still grin just thinking of it.

And stay tuned.  The year may be over, but I’m still here . . .

B Is for Bluenose

Day 364

I’m missing Nova Scotia already (fog and rain and all).  Also, I didn’t do much today that would interest anyone except my mother.  Therefore I shall take the opportunity to inform all and sundry that on this date in 1963 the Bluenose II was launched in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

So what is the Bluenose?  In the 1920’s there were a series of schooner races between fishermen from Gloucester, Massachusetts, and those from Nova Scotia.  There were several wins by the Gloucestermen then, as Mark Kurlansky puts it in his book The Last Fish Tale:

“Then after a season fishing the Grand Banks, the Bluenose, a large schooner . . . defeated the Gloucester Elsiea.  During the next seventeen years the Bluenose remained undefeated.  The Canadians have put the image of the Bluenose on postage stamps, the Canadian dime, matchbooks, and seemingly most spare surfaces in Nova Scotia.”

So true.  The image is also on the provincial license plate.  One day we were eating lunch at a tiny café in Port Mouton and looked on the wall next to the table to find a laminated placemat of . . . yep, the Bluenose.

The Bluenose II is a replica built in the spirit of the first ship.  It is currently finishing up a refitting in Lunenburg and about to undergo sea trials.  You can check it out on its webcam.


Day 363

Watching the news I thought idly that the new prince of England was wrapped in a beautiful piece of knitted lace and wondered where it came from.

Well.  If you want a knitting puzzle unraveled (har har – I know, horrible pun), the twitterverse has you covered.  When I went to check my latest tweets, there was the answer, already solved in minutes.  The fiber arts community is a small world indeed.


Queen of Ambition

Day 361

I am.  At least according to the highly scientific personality analysis put out by Baskin Robbins in honor of National Ice Cream Day today.  Also competitive and visionary.  Considering I’ve been a slug most of the summer I find this rather amusing.


Then again, my second favorite ice creams says I’m seductive, flirtatious, and dramatic.  Who needs Briggs Myers when you have ice cream?


Letters from Camp

Day 360

My sister-in-law picked up my fourteen-year-old niece from camp today.  Her counselor gave a beautiful speech on how she said such profound things that blew her away in her small group and then gave her the wisdom award.

To which Hannah replied, “Mom! I shot a gun!”