Weather for Dummies

Day 199



Okay, without a doubt there has been an enormous blizzard this weekend.  I still have some questions (mostly for the Weather Channel).

        • What’s with naming winter storms now?
        • If you’re going to name winter storms, is it really necessary to name a huge blizzard after a Disney clownfish?
        • Does anyone even realize Jules Verne created a Nemo before Disney?
        • Why do your weather maps cut off North America at Maine?  Canada does exist, you know, and some of my friends live there.  I’d like to see what’s going on in Nova Scotia. (Before anyone says anything, yes, Environment Canada’s weather maps include New England.)
        • Did it ever occur to you that hiring a woman with a southern accent to discuss a New England blizzard might be annoying? (Although I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice person.)
        • Wouldn’t you have thought a Massachusetts governor with the name of Patrick would be Irish-American?  Dude’s black (and kinda cute).
        • Why do Bloomberg’s press conferences fascinate me?  I don’t live in New York City and he’s not even using Lydia Callis.
        • Why do people rush out to buy milk, eggs, and bread before snowstorms?  My friend Holly says they’re all going to make French toast.

Finally, does anyone else remember this?  Classic!