Day 358

[Sorry for the less than stellar pictures – overhead lighting and cell phone camera.]

Today I finally finished warping my loom.  It was a journey in weaving vocabulary.

First you sley the reed (this phrase always makes me think of killing something).


Then I threaded the heddles and beamed the warp (this phrase always makes me think of the Starship Enterprise).

I think I didn’t do too badly for the first time ever – I ended up with (only) three crossed warps in the shed (this sounds like some weird farm thing).


I marked the whole thing down as a learning exercise and plan to re-warp it with the following changes:

  1. Finer warp – the blue yarn is too thick.
  2. Longer warp chains – the two feet recommended by the book is way to short to work with easily.
  3. More warp chains of fewer wraps, making it easier to keep the threads from crossing and to beam the warp more evenly.

I figure it should take me half as long the second time around.  Onward.


All Wound Up

Day 353

Started to prep the loom myself for the first time.  I’ve got the warp chained and the bobbins wound.  There are weaving accoutrements all over the kitchen.  Sometimes ya just gotta accept that creativity is messy.