A Family Christmas

Day 150

What, your family holiday gatherings don’t look like this?





In the Land of Elves

Day 148

Our principal declared today, the last day with students before break, to be Elf Day.  It was a big surprise to the kids to see the staff dressed as elves.

I heard “Oh, there’s elves everywhere!” and “My teacher turned into an elf!” as the kids came in this morning.










Little Tree

Day 139

This little tree belonged to my grandmother who passed away two years ago.  It fits perfectly on the checkout desk.

Two kindergarteners were examining it.

“We’re just looking at it,” one said, when I reminded them not to touch. “It’s good,” was his conclusion about the tree.

The other one agreed, seriously. “It’s good.”  I concur.


Elf Elementary

Day 135









The computer teacher’s Elf on the Shelf has a phone to text Santa if the kids are naughty. One of the kids kept yelling it wasn’t real because it was a sticker. She told the kids a) it’s not a sticker, it’s a force field and b) he has 4G and an unlimited data plan.  She’s too clever by half, that one.

The In-Between Days

Day 134

These weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break are brutal for teachers.  The kids’ brains are short-circuited so all they can see, hear, or think is CHRISTMAS!!!!

There’s not much room left for instructions or listening.  Sitting still doesn’t register very high on the list either.


I Spy a Christmas Tree

Day 130

The tree came out tonight.  I keep it in the basement covered in a plastic bag.  No muss, no fuss. (A trick I learned from my dad; he and his office-mate did so with their work tree at the Local Corporate Giant in the 1970s and early 1980s.)


It’s only 4 feet, with built in lights.  With no kids, but a cat, I keep my decorating simple.  Works for me.


One of my favorite ornaments was made by my friend Denise out of an old library book!