Take one school librarian with a voracious reading habit (that would be me).

Add this idea (stolen from my friend Denise):

And this one (stolen from her daughter Michelle):

Mix with coffee in a strange and scrambled brain full of trivia and love of history.  What do you get?  This new blog, wherein I attempt to document life each day for an entire year.  Not on notecards, not with photos, but with the title of a book.

day⋄book [dey-book] noun 1. Bookkeeping . a book  in which the transactions of the day are  entered in the order of their occurrence. 2. a diary; journal.

A review of the first year can be found here:  A Year in the Life.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m interested! It’s about books. What more could I want?
    In case you haven’t guessed I’m also an avid reader and I work in a public library.

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