Day 37

The Philadelphian

My (Korean) cousin recently started teaching in an elementary school.  Today she relayed this conversation she had with a fifth grader.

Student: Are you from Philadelphia? I mean, the Philippines?
Cousin: No.
Student: Oh, then obviously from China.
Cousin: Obviously.


Day 35

Isaac’s Storm

 “(Reuters) – Hurricane Isaac dumped heavy rains on the U.S. Gulf Coast and caused widespread flooding on Wednesday, but elaborate defenses built to protect New Orleans after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster withstood the onslaught, officials said.”

I’m not sure what word to use to describe a hurricane hitting New Orleans  seven years to the day after Katrina.  I don’t think it’s exactly spooky, or ironic — just weird, maybe.

I remember seeing the scenes of destruction on TV in 2005 and trying to fathom a city so wrecked that they were predicting five to seven years to rebuild.  It seems so long ago now.

The book:
This has all the meaty details I like in historical accounts.  
I am fascinated by the minutiae that come together to create 
disasters, where one small change in events could make a big 
difference.  The gory details of death, destruction, and dead 
bodies is a not so great aspect of such stories.  But the trivia 
of everyday life juxtaposed against great events makes for an 
engrossing read.

Day 34

The Great Escape

There’s nothing that adds excitement to your afternoon like a class of first graders running unaccompanied into the library and several little voices shouting at once “the teacher isn’t here because Tyler ran down the stairs and they’re chasing him.”  Always an adventure, this job.

Day 30

Hey, Al

Spent the evening with one of my best friends and her daughter, who is three-going-on-four.  That kid does a mean “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and made an executive decision earlier this year that she would call me Al.