Movin’ in the Right Direction

Day 190

Our computer teacher got the following “award” from a second grader.  She says it’s her favorite student gift yet.







The Prayer That Makes God Smile

Day 189

A friend of mine has a young son who was praying at dinner time.  First he prayed for the sick to get better, then he prayed for the food to get better.  I don’t know if it made God smile, but it sure made me grin.


David Goes to School

Day 187

If you know the David books, you know that the author, David Shannon, has created a little boy full of mischief; the adults in his life are always telling him, “No, David!”  The third graders have created their own No, David! books — each class was given a destination for David and each child asked to create a page in the class’s book.  What follows are a few of the most interesting.  Click the thumbnails to enlarge.


Good Night, Sleep Tight

Day 186

Okay cat, listen up.  We both need to sleep tonight, since last night wasn’t working. So:

  • You do not need to patrol the entire house (I’m closing the bedroom door just to prove it).
  • You don’t need to test your ability to jump on and off this bed.
  • The dog you smell hasn’t been around since New Year’s and won’t get you.  I promise.



Day 181






Random questions re the above poster:

  1. How does one manage to spell “nonperishable product” but not “bringing”?
  2. What makes Quaker Oatmeal so unusual (“or even“)?
  3. To which decade does the person pictured belong? And what is he looking at?
  4. What does the semi-circle thing in the middle represent?
  5. “You can mix”?!?!?!?!?  Decades? This frightens me.
  6. Trivia bonus:  Who knows what Kraft Mac & Cheese is called in Canada?