How to Be a Productivity Ninja

Day 311

First of all, I would suggest not being sick, not having lessons to plan,  and not having after-school meetings.  Having a good night’s sleep helps.  After that it’s a piece of cake.

Groceries purchased, weeds whacked, papers recycled, errands run, gift wrapped, house cleaned; I feel caught up for the first time in a month.  I even had time to watch my favorite hockey team lose a game in the playoff semifinals.  While knitting, of course. (I was knitting, not the team.  Although they might as well have been.)


Entertaining Science Experiments with Everyday Objects

Day 274

So my sixteen-year-old niece (in spite of living in Red Wings country) is playing Chelsea Dagger (the Black Hawks’ goal scoring song) every time she gives the dog a treat so the dog will learn to go nuts whenever she hears that song.

Brilliant.  I love that girl.

Game Day

Day 193


Hockey’s back!  Even the cat is watching.  Go Penguins!

Oh, yeah, there’s a big football game today too.  I like football okay, but don’t really care much about either of those teams.  That game is mostly an excuse to gather with friends and eat.

Give me a good hat trick any day.