Goodnight Moon

Day 128





So bright tonight!


Mush? Mush!

Day 127

That would be my brain lately.

Today is the kind of day where one wears the wrong thing to work, puts the peanut butter in the refrigerator, and forgets recess duty.  As well as misidentifying parent volunteers.  I think I must go to bed now before I do any more damage.

So You Want to Be President?

Day 125


One of our first graders does.
However, I don’t think he’s grasped the difficulty of a) carrying on a parallel career as a superhero while in the media spotlight and b) doing it all from a foreign country.
Then there was his classmate, the little girl who wanted to be president because “they” always have “pretty puppies.”

The book:

This is a fun book to share aloud with a class.  Although it’s a picture book, I wouldn’t go any younger than second grade; third grade is ideal.  Be prepared to stop for questions and lots of discussion.  Also, be aware that no matter how many times you read this, the lasting image most students take away is that of President Taft getting stuck in the bathtub.

The Homework Machine

Day 123

I had a lot of homework this weekend.

Muchos, muchos papers to grade.

Of course, I don’t actually assign homework in the library.

I believe there’s something called irony present in there somewhere.


I got quite a few variations of this answer:

We do not actually teach poultry farming in the library.  The students are referring to this:

Apparently even meleagris gallopavo feels the need to shush in the library.

Running Out of Time

Day 121

I need some elves to help with the Christmas knitting.  No way was I going shopping.  I can buy online, but free time to knit is more precious than those insane crowded sales.

The book:

This is a great thrill ride for those preteens for whom The Hunger Games is a little too mature and violent.  Jessie lives in an experimental site that she believes to be a mid-nineteenth century American village.  When disease strikes and she learns the truth she must escape and bring help to the rest of the village while negotiating the modern world she has never encountered.  A nonstop pace, high suspense, and a complex ending make this one  a winner.