Happy Easter

Day 249

And a beautiful day it has been here.

John 11:25


Super Smart

Day 246

Today I was teaching the second grade the concept of alliteration. I use the book SuperHero ABC and then the students create their own superheroes.

I was surprised when one student could identify the word alliteration.  I asked him where he’d heard it.

“My sister’s in the fourth grade,” he said. “She’s done it for homework.”

“Good,” I replied. “Now you can tell her you’ve learned something from fourth grade too.”

“Yeah,” was his muttered response, not necessarily toward me. “Who’s the smart one now?”

Would it surprise anyone that I saw the first thing he’d written as a name for his superhero was Noisy Nathan?


Day 243

Nine inches.  It’s been a while since we’ve gotten such a deep snowfall around here, let alone in March.

Meanwhile, my cousin is studying abroad this semester in Australia.  What she just posted on her blog:


Yes, Teresa, I’m stealing your photos.  We all need some sunshine around here.


March Madness

Day 242

It was 51℉ yesterday afternoon.  Now it’s snowing and as we’re expecting 6 to 10 inches, school has been delayed for two hours in the morning.

In the realm of the real March Madness, I’m not much into basketball (more hockey) but my favorite NCAA team did make it into the Sweet Sixteen.

How to Drive Your Sister Crazy

Day 241

  1. Find an old picture of her from the seventies.
  2. Show people.

A friend of mine posted an old picture of herself as a child on Facebook, which prompted me to dig this out.  Actually, it’s about my favorite picture ever of my sister.  Of course you get that heavy 70’s vibe of awful pants and mismatched shirt, but more importantly it just captures my sister’s personality so well (even at that age)!

[The old Pepsi can is kinda cool too.]