The Sharpest Tool in the Shed

So I may have mentioned a time or two (dozen) that I have lunch duty this year.  Today I was trying to help a first grader with her foil wrapped drink (think Capri Sun).  She didn’t have one of those pointy straws you need to push into it, so asked me for a straw.

Me:  Well, a regular straw won’t go in, we need something sharp.
Girl next to her:  I have a quarter you could use!



Kite Flying

Day 276

That’s what the first grade was up to yesterday.  It was fun to see the kids carrying kites into and out of the school, and even more fun to look out the second-story library window and see the kites up in the air.


So You Want to Be a Rock Star?

Day 223

Tonight was the first grade music program.

Although helping with rehearsals required that I see it about eight times, I can safely say it was a lot more energetic than last week’s program.  There was a plotline, along with several “soloists.”

I took some pictures at rehearsal the other day.  There was even “smashing” of inflatable guitars.