The Sharpest Tool in the Shed

So I may have mentioned a time or two (dozen) that I have lunch duty this year.  Today I was trying to help a first grader with her foil wrapped drink (think Capri Sun).  She didn’t have one of those pointy straws you need to push into it, so asked me for a straw.

Me:  Well, a regular straw won’t go in, we need something sharp.
Girl next to her:  I have a quarter you could use!



So You Want to Be a Rock Star?

Day 223

Tonight was the first grade music program.

Although helping with rehearsals required that I see it about eight times, I can safely say it was a lot more energetic than last week’s program.  There was a plotline, along with several “soloists.”

I took some pictures at rehearsal the other day.  There was even “smashing” of inflatable guitars.