Dream Big

Almost every class does some sort of “getting to know you” activity and second grade spelling is always amusing.  What really caught my eye, though, were what each of these students wanted to get out of the school year.



Last time I checked, conversing with animals and blowing things up weren’t in the Common Core standards.  It’s always good to have goals, though.


I Am Collecting a Collection

Day 280

I’ve been reading a story about a girl with lots of collections to the second grade, then they fill out a paper about their own collections.  Second graders aren’t the world’s best spellers, therefore so far I have seen papers about collections of:

  • rosks
  • scrus and bults (with great self-portrait wielding a huge screw, vampire-slayer style)
  • moneys
  • teshirts
  • various spellings of “video games”
  • socks (accompanied by a drawing of three socks)
  • stuff animals
  • books (yes!)
  • and most worrisome, “humins” (I hope he means in his family and not in his basement)

I’m not sure what the “things” below are . . . but she made sure to include “all uthers” in her 288.