Warp & Weft

Day 334

Today’s project:  break out the newly acquired loom, set up, and begin weaving, with help from Paula and Ann.



Using the beautiful setting of Ann’s deck.





Making a Living as an Artist

Day 254

. . . is probably not in the cards for me anytime soon.  But if anyone is interested in what I’ve been doing over spring break and what’s on offer in my upcoming show, there’s a listing here.  Keep in mind this is a quick and dirty list, not a professional page, and the photography often leaves a lot to be desired.

That said, back to real life.  My parents are coming for dinner, the house is a mess, and I have to go to the grocery or they’ll be eating Hot Pockets tonight.

Textile Art

Day 250

I’m to be part of a fine arts show coming up on April 12 and 13.

As such, I need to have my inventory list turned in on Friday this week.  I’ve been a bit short on stock and didn’t have a lot of advance notice for the show so I’ve been working away at new additions to the collection while I have the chance.

There’s felt in the kitchen.



There’s felt in the sink.


There’s supplies in the dining room.


And don’t even get me started on the knitting.