Day 6

Many Children

I worked again today with arranging students in the library software, and helped out in the office as more came in to enroll.  We’re up to over 700 now, with names, faces, and backgrounds of every kind imaginable.

Grace. Lincoln. Ricardo. Liam. Becket. Emma. Callista. Henry. Katherine. Varinder. Luke. Brooklyn. Aislynn. Max. Fiona. Anna. Reagan. Isra. Rushi. Hannah. Qi. Michael. Talan. Cayla. YuXiang. Layla. Telly. Reina. Skyelur. Phoenix. Ta’Kyi. Noah. Christopher. Annika. Marcus. Umer. James. Kip. Willow. Zoey. Nevada. Elyse. Arik. Cheaney. Sarah. Bryce. Eileen. Tessa. Joseph. Peiper. Meleah. Nevaeh. Camille. Caecey. Sarita. Naomi. Zander. Levi. Jaxon. Isaac. Jamie. Vera. Brynn. Veronica. Matea. Abigail. Wade. Rashad. Esther. RaeAnn. Mustafa. Korlyss. Morgan.  Jonathan. Safaa. Victor. Jacob. Prabhdeep. Jenna. Wardah. Taelyn. Torey. Elizabeth. Benjamin. Bryer. Baron. Isabella. David. Zane.  Aidan x 10.  And I’ve now seen every conceivable way to spell Maquinzie.

Day 5

Back in the Saddle

Just like I’d never left for the summer.  There’s always a rhythm and pattern to the school year.  Today it was sorting a summer’s detritus piled in my mailbox, e-mailing volunteers, ordering teacher magazines, dealing with a virus on my laptop, sorting students into classes in the checkout software, and helping the secretary answer phones and cover the reception desk.  Oh, and I got a peek at the new library too.  It’s supposed to be ready by Wednesday morning.

Day 4


The days of grace are ending and I go back to work tomorrow.  Students don’t start until August 8, but I’m on the clock in the morning.  God has blessed me bountifully this summer: time with great friends, wonderful travel, new furniture, space to get creative, and a sense of relaxation that I am going to need to remember when things get hairy in the Land of Education.

Day 3

Moving Day

Not for me, but for my dear friend’s daughter, Michelle.  She’s off on the great adventure of college and will be going to the same university and living in the same dorm, even on the same floor, as I did about a quarter of a century ago.  Best wishes on your grand adventure, Meesh!


Day 2


All over the television today with the Olympics. Trafalgar Square. St. Martin in the Fields (Cafe in the Crypt!). The Tower. The London Eye. The Globe. Westminster Abbey. Usually I’d find myself wishing I were there again. But . . . the crowds. The traffic. The Tube. Wishing I were there again . . . after the next 17 days, maybe.

London from Greenwich, 2002

The book: 
I think of Edward Rutherfurd as the British James Michener (anyone
remember him?).  And although I liked Michener, being an 
Anglophile, I prefer Rutherfurd.  London is one of those sweeping 
sagas that starts out with the Celts, then goes from Roman 
Londinium right up through World War II to the modern age.  I think
my favorite of Rutherfurd's sagas (Sarum, The Forest, New York, 
and this one) is The Forest, but this one gets a thumbs up too.