Explore . . . Simple Machines

Day 218

A while ago my friend Holly was having her class cut something with scissors.  One of the boys asked why they couldn’t use “the machete on an axle”.  He meant the paper-cutter.

Umm, could it have something to do with not letting a young person who uses the word “machete” near anything that sharp?



Who Was Roald Dahl?

Day 217

During today’s fiction trivia game, the question was: “In the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which group of characters is crazy about cacao beans?”  The fifth grader’s proud answer:  “The Chumbawambas!”

I have absolutely no idea how an eleven year old would come to mix up the Oompa Loompas with a British art-punk anarchist band whose biggest hit was in the late 1990s.  These kids constantly astound me.

Putting the Show in Choir

Day 216

My friend (our school art teacher who has moved on to the middle school this year) promised some of her students she would go see their middle school choir performance tonight.  I met her for supper then went along with her.

I have never seen or heard more white, bland, Muzak versions of “Pretty Woman,” “Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance),” or “Proud Mary” in my life.  We managed to contain our hilarity until we were safely out of the building.  Oh, the sacrifices teachers make.


Speed Trap

Day 211

Today as I was dismissing my first grade class, I reminded them to walk.  If they didn’t, I said, my fifth grade helpers would catch them as they went by the check-out desk and send them back to me.

I looked up and one of my fifth graders had grabbed the check-in scanner and was using it as a radar gun.  It made my day.