Market Day

Yesterday my friend Denise and I went to visit her daughter who is a sophomore at one of the local state colleges.

We visited the farmers’ market, which is the biggest I have ever been to.  It was a beautiful fall day, and the colors just exploded everywhere.






After we were done wandering around the market and that area of town, we had lunch at a Turkish restaurant, visited the local yarn shop, and waited in line for ice cream.

After driving home I spent the evening with my sister, who was in town for a grand total of 29 hours.  All in all, it was one of the most perfect Saturdays in a long, long time.


The Shooting Star

I was taking the 11-year-old daughter of a friend of mine home tonight from a cookout.  We were driving through the town square of our small-town county seat.  “There’s a shooting star!” she said.  It went right over the courthouse dome.

It’s the first one I can remember seeing.  Ever.

Thanks Taylor.  I’m glad I got to share it with you.

Find Your Smile Again

How do you find your smile?  Forget about too much to do.  Go out to dinner with your best friend and favorite four-year-old.

Make sure it’s a place where you can eat good food outside.  And one that lets the four-year-old play with pizza dough.


Watch her make smiley faces.  They’ll be pretty contagious.


She’ll share mustaches with mom.


Don’t forget the goatee.


Let the laughter ensue.


It will be a good evening.

Like a Pro

Day 346

Today’s Lesson:  How to Plant a Canoe.

Step 1:  Designate oneself the official photojournalist of this endeavor so that one’s know dislike of bugs, dirt, sweat, and general yard work is not brought too much to the fore.

Step 2: Find an old canoe sitting around full of stagnant water.  It can be a beautiful pink / purpley color for added effect.



Step 2: Drill holes in the canoe to drain out the water. (Or rather Ann and I stand around cheering while Paula drills the holes . . . “great work, way to go!”)



Step 3: Turn the canoe over to empty remaining water.


Step 4: Fill bottom of boat with empty bottles for future drainage.


Step 5:  Just add dirt!


Step 6:  Plant stuff.  In this case red and white petunias and canna lilies.  The cannas will be the “people” sitting in the canoe.  Pretty clever, eh?



Step 7:  Admire the results!



Step 8: Eat BLTs for lunch on the deck.

Step 9:  Take a nap and make reservations at Bread and Olives for supper.

Because, to quote the Nova Scotian provincial song, “For it’s early in the morning I am bound far away.”

All in a Day

Day 345

At some point this morning Paula mentioned something about packing all of summer into one day.  It almost felt like that; we seem to have packed in the best of summer here in Nova Scotia at least.

There was the view with breakfast (and Kauai coffee).



There was lunch at Rudder’s on the deck.


There was shopping and gelato after.



There was the trip to Mavillette Beach.  We took Jack (the greyhound) and about wore him out.

beach beach2 bells beach3 jack

The grill came out for supper, then I managed to fall asleep briefly on the sofa with the evening breeze blowing over me through the open window.

All of summer in a day?  Maybe the best distilled into one day.

A Promise Is a Promise

Day 344

I keep promising myself to catch up with my blogging, then forgetting until I’m out of time or energy, so here goes . . .

Tuesday we drove to Halifax to pick up Paula’s niece and her boyfriend who flew in from St. John’s, Newfoundland.  While there we met up with Leslie, who taught the spinning workshop where we met in 2007.  We had lunch at Bishop’s Landing right on the harbour, with a wonderful view.

grey cloud

Note the aptly named boat: Grey Cloud.


There was a stop at LK Yarns, then it was home through more rain, this time via the north shore.  All in all it was 400 mile round trip. (There are hardly any roads across the province between the two highways – there’s a huge national park and lots of wilderness lakes in the way.  You basically have to skirt the edges.)


Yesterday we made it out to Cape Forchu and the Mug Up for lunch, and although the fog had cleared quite a bit, you can tell from my annual “big chair” picture that it was still pretty cloudy.


Last night I stayed up to late talking with Ann and almost forgot to blog.  She took this oh-so-flattering picture of me in deep concentration at the cell phone.  She giggled at the idea of all the flags sitting around – it was Canada Day on Tuesday and they were still out.


Today we took Erica and Jon to Wolfville (back along the 101 about 2 1/2 hours) for a conference at Acadia University, stopped at The Box of Delights Book Shop, Gaspereau Valley Fibres (can’t miss a yarn shop), and came back.  Finally, it was wonderfully, happily, amazingly, fantastically, stupendously sunny.  Yes, I’m a little excited about the weather.  It even made it up to about 28 C (82 F), which has been almost unheard of around here.  Nova Scotia is starting to shine again just before I have to leave.


Day 343

Yes, today I was going to post the pics from Halifax.  That was before lunch at the Mug Up, taking the greyhound to the park, visiting the farmers’ market, some shopping, pizza, and a marathon round of knitting, chat, and tv watching with Ann.  Then at 11:00 as I went to go to bed I remembered I hadn’t blogged.  I’d been too busy with life.

Tomorrow we’re off up the Annapolis Valley to Wolfville, but watch for an enormous posting of catch-up photos soon.