What I Call Life

What I call life has been slightly overwhelming lately.  Nothing bad, just a little on the crazy side in the busy department.

I helped with my favorite five-year-old’s birthday party.


Fifth grade designed reading t-shirts, which I then had to produce (print and iron on decals). Click to enlarge.









There was the sick day (cold / sinus / throat ick).  At least I had my own furry hot water bottle.


The PTO put on their annual haunted house.


Also, the usual detritus of modern life: vet visit, meeting with retirement planner, baby shower, women’s group meeting, CPR training, and parent / teacher conference day.

To conclude: as a first grader, in line at the checkout desk, said àpropos of nothing, “Why aren’t there cinnamon rolls around here?”


Going Public

Day 321

So this is World Wide Knit in Public Week.  No big deal for me as it is business as usual.   With an allergist appointment, a dentist appointment, and two trips to the car dealership this week I’m pretty much guaranteed to get in some public knitting while I wait.
What I really found amusing was this trio in the allergist’s waiting room.  Well, they started out as a trio, but the two boys . . .
ended up annoying the sister so much that she heaved a big, embarrassed sigh and removed herself a couple of seats away.
Apparently she was one of the women surveyed in this study about male immaturity.

Mush? Mush!

Day 127

That would be my brain lately.

Today is the kind of day where one wears the wrong thing to work, puts the peanut butter in the refrigerator, and forgets recess duty.  As well as misidentifying parent volunteers.  I think I must go to bed now before I do any more damage.