Spinning Wheel Stories

Edited to add:  Apparently I forgot to push the publish button on this last night (May 20).  It was typed up and I thought I published it yesterday.  Major brain fade.

Day 299

 One of the few things guaranteed to captivate second graders during the last few days of school (or anytime, really).

Toss in The Goat in the Rug or Rumpelstiltskin and you’ve sneaked in a real lesson painlessly touching on the clothing production process and simple machines (wheel and axle).


The book:  A freebie by Alcott, although I’d never heard of it.  I’ve downloaded it and will have it on my Kindle for the next time I’m in the mood for old-fashioned stories.


Putting on a Show

Day 262

A fine arts show, that is.  And it’s finally over and done.


I hobnobbed with the bigwigs at the opening last night.


And I sat and spun today.


I acquired a lot of good experience, made a little money, got a commission for a hand-knit hat, and was invited back for next year.

For which I shall endeavor to prepare much further in advance.  Because now my house looks like the woman on the front of this book has been taking care of it.  And I feel a little like the monster thing pictured.