Don’t Go In There!

Day 278

I think our computer teacher means business.



Catch That Cat

Day 228

Seriously.  How does that girl know the difference between a regular work morning and the one day that I’m going to pick her up to take her to the vet?

This weekend involved a several-room chase, slamming doors, and much whining (on both our parts).  How does she know?

And don’t trust that innocent “I’m just lying here asleep” look.



Good Night, Sleep Tight

Day 186

Okay cat, listen up.  We both need to sleep tonight, since last night wasn’t working. So:

  • You do not need to patrol the entire house (I’m closing the bedroom door just to prove it).
  • You don’t need to test your ability to jump on and off this bed.
  • The dog you smell hasn’t been around since New Year’s and won’t get you.  I promise.