Heat Wave

Day 357

It’s pretty goofy when my aunt in Texas can taunt me on the phone that their temperature is cooler than ours in the midwest.

Stay cool out there.


Soup Day

Day 336

This was a soup day.  A day that started with making deliveries around town in the rain; a day that included clouds,




and more clouds.

It ended with making soup for supper.  (With fresh strawberries for dessert.)


A Few Green Leaves

Day 269

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that winter is not my best time.  Since long before seasonal affective disorder became trendy, the months from November through March have been a long slog for me.

It’s amazing what a rise in temperature, increase in sunshine, and a few green leaves do for my spirit.

This morning I had an errand to run in the part of town close to the headquarters of the Local Corporate Giant.  This area of town has undergone some redevelopment recently and I saw new apartments, shops, and a hotel close to opening, along with increasing public art projects.

All around it’s the season of renewal.




Spring Fever

Day 255

It’s spring, glorious spring!  The temp topped out at 71℉ today.  Driving down the road in the sun with the window open and the radio on I started to get itchy feet for a road trip.

I’m ready to go — too bad my work schedule and my wallet are not.  ‘Tis not my fault my sister moved to the other side of the country, or that Ireland and the UK are all the way across the ocean, or that my adopted Canadian town is three long days’ drive away.  Where’s that teleporter when you need it?


Day 243

Nine inches.  It’s been a while since we’ve gotten such a deep snowfall around here, let alone in March.

Meanwhile, my cousin is studying abroad this semester in Australia.  What she just posted on her blog:


Yes, Teresa, I’m stealing your photos.  We all need some sunshine around here.


March Madness

Day 242

It was 51℉ yesterday afternoon.  Now it’s snowing and as we’re expecting 6 to 10 inches, school has been delayed for two hours in the morning.

In the realm of the real March Madness, I’m not much into basketball (more hockey) but my favorite NCAA team did make it into the Sweet Sixteen.