My Little Lizard Friend

I was standing in the hall taking a picture of the 2nd grade work on display.  (Please excuse the blurry photo; it’s from my phone and I was trying to be as discreet as possible.)


A little voice behind me says, “Do you like that one?  It’s mine.”

I looked around and there was only one little girl.  Although I wasn’t sure why she was out in the hall by herself, I told her I did like it and in fact that’s why I was taking pictures.  She then unfolded the following story, all in one run-on breath.

“He belonged to some people in my neighborhood who were moving to the North Pole and it was too cold for the lizard there so they were going up and down the street asking people if they wanted a lizard for free and my mom said it was okay so we got to keep him.  But he died.”

Have I mentioned that one never knows what will come out of their mouths?



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