I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

The beginning of school is always challenging when it comes to kindergarteners – both for them and for the teachers.

On the first day there are always a couple of small ones who end up in the wrong place, requiring several public address system announcements searching them out.  After the secretary announced that the last one had been found and the principal could return to the office from looking for her, one of my fourth graders suggested that “they put tracking devices on those kids.”

I begin picking up again after five-year-olds who are developmentally unable to follow more than one or two directions at a time, don’t have fantastic motor skills, and act like a herd of cats in a library that is much too big to supervise alone.


How did someone who never needed children of her own wind up picking up after them, dealing with runny noses, taking care of vomit, wiping tears, and handling lost teeth?

Finally, I have learned that just because the nearest restroom is right next door to the library it doesn’t mean kindergarteners won’t get lost on the way there or back.


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