Explaining War and Peace

Day 352

My friend LeeAnn’s children are a source of endless amusement to me.  In the I-Couldn’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up-Department, today there was an impromptu history lesson (Caleb is 8, Levi is 4):

Caleb: “Has there ever been a war we didn’t win?”
LeeAnn: “Well, we didn’t win in Vietnam.”
Caleb: “So, we just surrendered and said, ‘You win?'”
LeeAnn: “Not exactly.”
Caleb: “What was that war about?”
LeeAnn: “Um, they were communists and we didn’t like that, among other things…”
Caleb:”What is communist? Is that kind of like being a Mormon?”
LeeAnn: “No. Two very different things.”
Caleb: “Do they wear magic underwear in Vietnam? “
Levi: “I wish I had magic underwear!!!”
Caleb’s friend Hudson: “I wish I had a magic carpet so I could skip all the red lights and be at your house!”
Caleb: “That would be AWESOME!”

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