Safe Return

Day 350


I got home about 3:30 this afternoon.


Someone has been a little clingy and attention-seeking.

Book review:

This is a fairly unknown book, but one of my favorites.  Ursula, an eleven-year-old girl on the Swedish island of Gotland in the 1800s, lives with her aunt and uncle after her parents’ deaths.  Although everyone on the island knits items to sell (men and children included) Ursula finds the craft frustrating and beyond her abilities.  When her aunt’s ship goes missing on a trip to Stockholm, Ursula teaches herself to knit as a sort of promise to keep believing in her aunt’s return, even though others on the island give up hope.  Ursula’s struggle to knit as a metaphor for keeping hope alive and the lore of the traditional knitting pattern she uses are appealing.  This novel is based on a true incident in the island’s past.


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