On This Date

Day 316

So if you, like me,  were stupid enough to get an undergrad degree in something unemployable like history . . .

So if you are a history nerd . . . 

So if you like dates (the calendar type) it may interest you to know that it was a very busy day indeed in history.

  • There’s D-Day, of course, 1944
  • The Chicago El began operating, 1892
  • Battle of Midway, 1942
  • Robert F. Kennedy assassinated, 1968
  • Patrick Henry died, 1799
  • NBA created, 1946
  • Tetris released, 1984
  • Nathan Hale born, 1755 (short life, that)
  • Julian Byng, 12th Governor General of Canada died, 1935 (relevant in relation to the Lady Byng trophy, donated by his wife as a reward for gentlemanly play and good sportsmanship in the NHL – yes, I too find that amusing)

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