I Am Collecting a Collection

Day 280

I’ve been reading a story about a girl with lots of collections to the second grade, then they fill out a paper about their own collections.  Second graders aren’t the world’s best spellers, therefore so far I have seen papers about collections of:

  • rosks
  • scrus and bults (with great self-portrait wielding a huge screw, vampire-slayer style)
  • moneys
  • teshirts
  • various spellings of “video games”
  • socks (accompanied by a drawing of three socks)
  • stuff animals
  • books (yes!)
  • and most worrisome, “humins” (I hope he means in his family and not in his basement)

I’m not sure what the “things” below are . . . but she made sure to include “all uthers” in her 288.



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