The Biggest Test in the Universe

Day 279

We were one of the several states affected when the company providing our high-stakes (grades 3-5) computerized standardized test crashed its server today for the second day in a row.

In addition, the (other) company providing early literacy assessment for our grades K-2 informed us via an automated message on their support line that their server was down as well.

Our kids are mandated to be tested at least five times a year by some form of standardized testing, with the current batch the one that “counts” the most.

I try not to express argumentative opinions about education here, rather to keep it positive and amusing.  But as our principal stated in a memorandum today, “in an environment where students are evaluated by these assessments, teachers are evaluated by student scores and growth as noted on these assessments, and schools are ranked by these results” it can be difficult.

Once again, I’ll just let our computer teacher express it:



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