Absolutely Normal Chaos

Day 271

    • Vicki was out today
    • I told a fifth grader to stop hopping like a kangaroo
  • Our fourth grade ADHD swearer/spitter/harasser was nonstop LOUD
  • A third grader is angry at me because she put off getting a biography for three weeks and wound up with Sam Adams
  • The student I’m supposed to walk down the stairs to lunch (depth perception issues) insisted on waiting for her invisible friend to catch up with us
        • Our second-grader-going-on-three-year-old threw a real-for-sure tantrum in the library complete with stomping feet and crying
        • Two first graders managed to actually leave the building en route from speech to the library
        • And to top it all off the kindergarteners locked me out of my office

Seriously, if this was normal chaos, I’d have run screaming from the building, gotten in my car, and headed for Canada by now.


One thought on “Absolutely Normal Chaos

  1. There is nothing like working in a school…..I often tell my principal….we should make a reality tv show here…..NOBODY would believe the kinds of things that go on…..AND – it would solve our budget problems! …..it’s the same in Canada….cause I’m writing from an elementary school there:)

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