The Cult of Lego

Day 261

So my friend LeeAnn hears whining from the other room. Her son Levi comes in with his Lego contraption saying, “Mom, someone broke this and it is somebody who I don’t like anymore!”

LeeAnn informs him, “Levi, that was me, I had to take it apart to put it back in the bag.”

Levi: “Oh… Well, I still like you, but you’re not my friend anymore.”


One thought on “The Cult of Lego

  1. bahahahahah;) (I burst out laughing) thanks for the smile. In my school library I have lego and I now take pictures of all the kids creations so that they are a little more willing to have them dismantled (and they don’t resort to hiding their creations behind the books on the shelves….so that no one will ‘wreck’ them). We all feel his pain!

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