Start With a Happy Ending

Day 231

I’m reading Rainbow Fish to kindergarten today.  If you haven’t read it, it’s a rather simplistic and didactic story about sharing, but the kids love it, mainly because of the sparkly artwork.

Anyway, I get to the part in the middle where it says that all the other fish are ignoring Rainbow Fish because he won’t share his shiny scales.  “Rainbow Fish was the loneliest fish in the entire ocean.”  Suddenly a boy on the front row yells out “The End!”

Er….what kind of stories are you used to, kid?


One thought on “Start With a Happy Ending

  1. Thanks for your post – Oh I laughed……I most often get interrupted by….”Is it time to choose our books yet?!!” In other words….get on with it Mrs. J……I want to stretch my legs and run to the shelves…I can’t sit here anymore:) LOVE Kindergarten:)
    Warmly….the Cayley School Book Fairy

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