Ice Is . . . Whee!

Day 192

Observation:  When falling, one really does not have time to think or react.  God and your reflexes are the only thing saving you from injury.  Thanks to Him and them, I have only a slight twinge in my shoulder (which beats what my mom and dad have suffered in the past few years).

  • Parents’ driveway: 3 (broken arm, injured back, twingy shoulder)
  • Family: 0

4 thoughts on “Ice Is . . . Whee!

  1. If nothing else is handy, throw kitty litter on the ice. It’s an old standby emergency item for the car here too, great for when you need a little traction.

    • Paula – The irony was I had kitty litter in the car. It was ice of the evil sneaky variety, hiding under the snow. 😉

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