The Big Book of Words You Should Know

Day 167


For four years the unabridged dictionary sat next to my office, near where the students lined up to leave the library.

They walked past it each time they visited.  It was hardly ever noticed, even when I tried to get them to find it in the library scavenger hunt.

My library was remodeled this past summer.  Now the dictionary sits on a stand at the end of a range of shelves.  It’s really more out-of-the-way than it was before.  What happens now?  At least once a week I get one of the following questions:

  • What’s that book?
  • How many pages does it have?
  • Is every word in it? (Followed by students trying to find words they shouldn’t)
  • Is this a Bible?
  • Can I check this out? (Usually asked after a child almost smaller than the book has attempted to smuggle it up to the checkout desk, knowing full well the answer will be no)

Maybe I should hide more of the books in which I want to stir up interest.


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