Motherhood Is Not For Sissies

Day 162

I have great admiration for my friends who are parents.  I know it is the world’s toughest job.  

Therefore, since there’s nothing to post about my lazy Christmas break day, I share an account from a friend.  Levi is her four-year-old.

Tonight Levi was having a cry attack because his stuffed Mario lost his mustache and he didn’t realize it could be sewn back on and he’d thrown it away. The trash was on the curb, so, you guessed it: I went out to the curb in the snow to dig through the garbage. My dear husband took that opportunity to open an upstairs window and yell, “Hey! Lady! Quit digging through our trash! Do I need to call the cops?!?”

Sometimes I’m sure she feels like she has an extra kid to deal with.


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