My Teacher’s Secret Life

Day 129

Recently our assistant principal organized a quiz to match “unusual facts and experiences” with each teacher and classroom assistant in our school.  The experiences were provided by the teachers themselves.  Some of the most memorable included:

  • was a square-dancing realtor
  • writing an album of songs based on the parables of Jesus
  • fosters puppies and has five dogs
  • has triplets
  • likes to dance salsa
  • gives flute lessons
  • grew up in South America
  • asked wife out for the first time on stage
  • hitch-hiked through Europe
  • related to James Dean
  • sang back-up with Barry Manilow
  • worked as a lumberjack in Wyoming
  • travels the country showing cattle
  • hospital lost power when born
  • used to be a professional ballerina
  • helped deliver a baby in an elevator
  • has a heart-shaped Union Jack tattoo
  • represented Iran at Model UN in Chicago
  • was a firefighter/EMT
  • grew up in the Philippines
  • has traveled to 10 countries
  • flew stunt plane
  • is writing a book

I think it shows what a varied and richly experienced group we all are!

The book:

You may have to be a teacher to identify with and adore  this book as much as I do, but it is a great read for any parent and child.  With its bright and zany pictures and child’s view of the authority figures in school it is just plain fun to read.  Just about every child has run into a teacher in the community at some time or another and Krensky captures this experience delightfully.


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