A Pug’s Tale

Day 108

This is Chewie.  I made him as a baby shower gift for my friend Holly who is due in December.  She and her husband Chris have a (live) pug of that name.  When I found the book Knit Your Own Dog: Easy-to-Follow Patterns for 25 Pedigree Pooches in the library I  thought it would be a cute gift.  For the record, the subtitle of that book lies:  this was one of the hardest things I’ve knit — and I’ve been knitting for over a decade.  From a certain angle I think his face looks frog-like rather than puggish, and the knit Chewie doesn’t stand up very well.  “That’s okay,” said Holly’s mom, “neither does the real Chewie.”


One thought on “A Pug’s Tale

  1. Well done! Toys have been some of the hardest things I have knitted too. So much shaping in such small pieces, and then the assembly!

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