Day 105

Notice to Students:

When the library teacher is in the middle of reading a story or giving directions, you should only interrupt if it is an emergency.  An emergency is defined as “a sudden dangerous situation that requires immediate action or help.”

Things that are not emergencies:

  • the fact that your (absent) cousin’s tooth hurts
  • sharing that your birthday is tomorrow / next week / in May
  • telling me that a teacher or the principal walked into the library (I am the librarian.  My superpowers keep me informed of these things.)
  • tattling that your neighbor rolled his eyes at you / breathed on you / moved two inches
  • yelling out sudden strange sound effects (you are not really a dinosaur)
  • asking if the shelf elf is here today (Elvis has left the building)
  • giving me this thing you found RIGHT NOW BECAUSE YOU JUST FOUND IT LOOK AT IT HERE IT IS:

    Found in a day and a half in the library. Not counting about 10 pencils and the usual 5 or so bookmarks.








    Also, the next kid to poke me in the back to get my attention while I’m talking to someone else is skating on very thin ice.



One thought on “E-Mergency

  1. A while back I had my class sitting listening to a story when someone interrupted to tell me he has a Transformer toy at his house (it might have been Power Rangers, I don’t remember). The next time he started to interrupt, I reminded him to raise his, he did, I asked him to wait if it was not important, he said it was, and of course, it was that his mom had read a story to him the night before. Yep.

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