Remember, Remember (The Fifth of November)

Day 103

Not only does a picture with a queen impersonator illustrate my love of all things Brit, it verifies my status as a nerd (and a short one).

Safe and happy Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Day) to my friends across the pond!

The book:

I was excited when I bought this book, because it sounded like a succinct and interesting review of British History. The subtitle (“Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About British History with All the Boring Bits Taken Out”) promised an amusing overview.  However, it’s a bit too brief to hold together cohesively.  What made the author and editors determine to “encapsulate the whole sweep of British history . . . in no more than 150 entires, each no longer than 250 words” I don’t know, but I think they needed to go beyond the 150 entries to hold the whole thing together.  As it is, it appears more like a series of school essays with all the boring bits left in and all the linking bits left out.  If you are looking for an informative but painless way to brush up on the often confusing (i.e long) history of the UK, try Complete Idiot’s Guide To British Royalty.  Skip the out-of-date section on the current royals and the rest will prove an entertaining way to keep all those Edwards and Georges (and what they were doing) straight. 


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