Hour Game

Day 101

Time to “fall back” out of daylight saving time.

I’ll miss the daylight in the evening (what little there is), but will enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonight.

Only about seven weeks until the winter solstice when we can start adding daylight minutes!

The book:

[One of my goals after hitting 100 posts is to do more book reviews or at least comments upon books and authors, so here goes.]

I’ve never really cared for David Baldacci, but I’ll admit up front I’m not a big thriller reader.  The reviews for this one in particular were pretty bad.  I did read his The Christmas Train
and mildly enjoyed it, but a lot of that was for the train travel itself.  The only thing in this genre I’ve read recently was The President’s Henchman (Jim McGill)
by Joseph Flynn, which wasn’t too bad.


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