The Worst-Case Scenario Pocket Guide: Cars

Day 76

Scenario:  One must take a personal day to deal with the garage door repairman as a result of backing into one’s own garage door.  As Pink! sings, “I’m a hazard to myself.”

At least it was a gorgeous day.

Note: I have never actually read one of these books. I did once play The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Card Game, Travel Edition, though. It may have been the party atmosphere, but I remember laughing hysterically because the choices for the scenario “HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF WHEN TRAPPED IN A BURNING BUILDING” included “A. Strip down to your underwear, rub ointment of any kind (Vaseline or even WD-40 will work) on your exposed skin and get dressed again.” Other scenarios included “HOW TO DEAL WITH AN ANGRY MOB THROWING A MOLOTOV COCKTAIL ONTO YOUR CAR” and my personal favorite, “HOW TO ATTACK AN ALIEN” (of the extraterrestrial kind).


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