Day 47

The Days Are Just Packed

  • Arrive at work by 7:30
  • Sort through e-mail
  • Pull and deliver books for teachers
  • Return objects left in library previous day or deliver to lost and found
  • Send out inter-school mail
  • Conference with principal
  • Pick up book donations from office
  • Check in and shelve books
  • Fix video recording system for announcements (AGAIN)
  • See six classes
  • Give two quizzes
  • Read five chapters aloud
  • Read two picture books aloud
  • Cover special needs recess duty
  • Record video announcements for tomorrow
  • Bus duty
  • Clean up library for PTO meeting tonight
  • Clean up office / prep for tomorrow’s work
  • Leave work at 4:30 (having seen approximately 160 students today)
  • Grocery shop
  • Buy new clothes
  • Feed cat
  • Fix supper
  • Empty trash
  • Do dishes
  • Do laundry
  • Blog
  • Collapse

And I’m not nearly as busy as some working women since I don’t have any children!


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