Day 44

Head Games

Today falls into the couldn’t-make-it-up-if-I-tried file.  Our school is built around a courtyard.  The art room, the special needs classroom, the teachers’ lounge, and the cafeteria all look out on the courtyard, with access doors from all these areas except the teachers’ lounge.  Frequently the special needs teachers will let their students play in the courtyard while supervising from the doorway.  Today we looked out from the lounge and saw a bodiless head appearing to supervise them.

It seems that a beauty school had donated the mannequin head for the students to play with and dress its hair.  Somehow it had wound up on a table in the courtyard.  Perfectly reasonable, right?   Until an autistic student began throwing it in the air, whereupon it got caught in a tree, whereupon the kindergarten and first grade students in the cafeteria freaked out.

There are days I laugh so hard I can barely breathe.


One thought on “Day 44

  1. hahahahahahaha

    Sorry for not dropping in sooner. I failed to bookmark it on Day 1, but now it is in my feeds. Linking on FB would be good too. Just sayin’.

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