Day 42

Second Wind

I seem to have caught one.  Second wind, that is.  This week has been so much better than the last two I cannot even describe it.  It being a four-day week probably helps. The problem with the school year is that one winds up needing about twenty more of them.  Does that make it a twenty-second wind?

The book:
I've always found Dick Francis' writing uneven.  Either I love the
book (The Edge or this one) or I can't even finish it (any Sid
Halley book).  Character development usually isn't a strong suit;
you have your straightforward heroes and villains.  Plot, however,
is what drives these mysteries.  They are page turners.  This one
revolves around a hurricane, plane wreck, mysterious island, and
of course, horse racing.  Nothing heavy-duty or highly believable,
but enjoyable escapist reading.

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