Day 6

Many Children

I worked again today with arranging students in the library software, and helped out in the office as more came in to enroll.  We’re up to over 700 now, with names, faces, and backgrounds of every kind imaginable.

Grace. Lincoln. Ricardo. Liam. Becket. Emma. Callista. Henry. Katherine. Varinder. Luke. Brooklyn. Aislynn. Max. Fiona. Anna. Reagan. Isra. Rushi. Hannah. Qi. Michael. Talan. Cayla. YuXiang. Layla. Telly. Reina. Skyelur. Phoenix. Ta’Kyi. Noah. Christopher. Annika. Marcus. Umer. James. Kip. Willow. Zoey. Nevada. Elyse. Arik. Cheaney. Sarah. Bryce. Eileen. Tessa. Joseph. Peiper. Meleah. Nevaeh. Camille. Caecey. Sarita. Naomi. Zander. Levi. Jaxon. Isaac. Jamie. Vera. Brynn. Veronica. Matea. Abigail. Wade. Rashad. Esther. RaeAnn. Mustafa. Korlyss. Morgan.  Jonathan. Safaa. Victor. Jacob. Prabhdeep. Jenna. Wardah. Taelyn. Torey. Elizabeth. Benjamin. Bryer. Baron. Isabella. David. Zane.  Aidan x 10.  And I’ve now seen every conceivable way to spell Maquinzie.

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